MIWS Paris – Women's Swimsuit – Green/Blue/Yellow/Red, Women, Paris B01HGWKJUK

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  • To get the right size you must measure yourself contour, chest and hip, the sum of both will give you the right Miws size, if you're between two sizes: If you prefer tighter choose the lower size, if you prefer to swim more confortable then choose the higher size. SIZES: 160cms=XXS, 170cms=XS, 180cms=S, 190cms=M, 200cms=L, 210cms=XL
  • Swimsuit for woman made in a single piece of PBT, When adjusting to the body of the swimmer it will be wrapped in comfortable and artistic form. MADE IN ONE PIECE AND ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM (PATENTED) MADE IN PBT. 47% PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) + 53% Polyester. Specially designed for swimming training. Used by most Olympic swimmers
  • COMPLETELY COVERED Allows greater comfort and fixing swimsuit. Excellent for training.Limited Edition Only 500 units of each design.

Product description

Product description

MADE IN PBT. 47% PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) + 53% Polyester Is the fabric to make swimsuits of greater durability. 100% resistant to chlorine. It dries quickly. Keeps alive the colors much longer than other materials. Elastic in four directions. Keeps its shape throughout its life. Soft and very strong. MADE IN ONE PIECE AND ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM (PATENTED) It's made in one piece of fabric, only one seam. This permits adapting the fabric to move the body of the swimmer. The adjustment system adapts it to the chest, hip and waist. The swimsuit adapts and adjusts perfectly to the body of the swimmer. Tested on Olympic swim teams. COMPLETELY COVERED Allows greater comfort and fixing swimsuit. Excellent for training. Quality and confort unique in the market. PRINTED WITH UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS VANGUARDISTAS. Exclusive designs of Raquel Hevia and his team. Color and style. Inspired by cities, countries, Artists, Geometric Shapes, Tattoos and equipment. Each design all swimsuit uninterrupted 360§. ALL-OVER. They are adapted to each size, the same appearance in any size. Limited Edition Only 500 units of each design. DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED 100% BARCELONA. Designed in Barcelona. The raw materials are manufactured in Italy and Spain. The cut, impression and clothing are made in Barcelona. The product is 100% European.

Manufacturer's Description

Trainning Specialized for:

All styles Swimming, Jumping, Synchronized, Triathlon, Waterpolo & Open water

Professional & Amateur,

Miws concept: High technology and innovative suits to train more time and more comfortably

One piece of fabric

Allows perfect fitting to swimmer’s body. Allows to move between different sizes the same swimsuit. Designs are all over the swimsuit with no cuts or disengagings.


The swimmer can adjust exactly the swimsuit to her body. That gives the maximum comfort to the swimmer in every moment or requirement.


Made in PBT..100% chlorine resistant. Colors bright forever. Carefully designed and manufactured in Europe. Best european designers design each of our swimsuits. Much more resistant: Only one strong back central seam.

If you like to swim, you should try this swimsuit, you will not regret.Final product presentation. Beautiful and modern packing bag included.

Printed a QR code to access our website and more, our catalogue is always changing, including further improvements and new fashion designs. Actually, more than 50 models to choose.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Innovative, Comfort, Trainning

Where did you get the inspiration for your product?

During my long professional career in the field of swimming and after many professional swimmers complains about regular swimsuits, I realized that the existing swimsuits in the market were designed so that the bodies of the swimmers had to adapt to the swimsuits. From that comes the idea of making a swimsuit for long comfortable training sessions. The new swimsuit should be able to fit in the body of the swimmer, for that reason we started studying and researching and designing to innovate and to improve the existing swimsuits, even expense of a cost overrun, we finally developed a swimsuit made only with one piece of fabric and only one seam.

What differentiates your product from similar products out there?

Our swimsuit became the best swimsuit ever made because: •Allows swimmers to train longer sessions without hurt and reducing fatigue •Our patented adjustable system allows the swimsuit to be moved between different sizes adjusting it to anyones's choice. •Manufacturing it with only one piece of fabric and without the classic two seams on both sides like all the conventional swimsuits, and with only one central and resistant seam, the swimsuit can be moved by the swimmer to the required part of the body fitting it perfectly providing the maximum comfort. •All this innovation makes happy all the swimmers in the world becoming the swimsuit a ‘second skin’. •The quality of the materials and all the designing and manufacturing process is made really carefully, the final result is absolutely incomparable.

Tell us about the best and most challenging parts of the creation process.

The best experience for us is every time swimmers confirm us they have stopped suffering the discomfort of conventional swimsuits in their long training sessions, and also when they are so grateful to us because they can adapt the swimsuit to the body as they really need in every moment and every condition. We discovered the extreme level of comfort and durability on the day that an olympic triathlete from spanish team told us she competes the full triathlon championship without changing her Miws swimsuit. And also when many and many swimmers now are telling us they never felt so beautiful swimming! We’re really happy about it now.

Product information

Size: Medium|Colour: Verde/Azul/Amarillo/Rojo Technical Details
Outer materialPolyester
SportDeportes acuáticos
Batteries included?No
Brand nameMIWS